Preview Sessions & Classes

We are moving to a new form of delivery of live classes and coaching online!

For now, we are focused on one-to-one options trading coaching only online via video conferencing in light of the COVID19 pandemic.

Do register your interest in the online version of the classes,

or contact us to be notified of new events once we resume physical classes!

Tariff & trade wars. COVID-19 & supply shocks. Fed quantitative easing & tapering. Riots.

It's an ocean of information & noise out there.

You need coaches to steer you in the right direction to avoid wasting time & opportunities.

And many are unprepared and panic when sudden black swan events occur.

Did you panic & sell?

Learn to trade at a higher level

Time to get professional & systematic about your trading with the Fireminds Stock & Options Fundamentals course!

Learn Financial Literacy at our preview events!

Our preview events are not just introductions to the classes, but each one will teach you basic financial literacy and economic concepts.

We put you in the hot seat in the 2 hour session, along with some games.

In the full 3-day course, we have packed in the essentials to get you on the right track as fast as possible.

The 3rd day is a special live market practical session at night for US trading hours!

There's nothing like live market trading to experience the emotions of a trader.

You can register your interest via email/FB/whatsapp.

Equipment necessary: Laptop, mouse, sweater, colored pens (black,blue,green,red), ruler, notebook.