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What if we could create a realistic, practical and engaging way to teach individuals about financial literacy, investing and trading? What if we had a community of FIRE followers and traders, continuously improving the program?

Recall how much more fun playing monopoly is vs listening to lectures.

From being minimalists and FIRE followers, we want to share the knowledge we have, to bring a quality program to the market that does not just sell you a lecture series or unrealistic get-rich-quick plans.

We are continuously engaging with traders and financial experts to improve the modules and build the community.

FIREminds are a new generation of investors and traders, with a different and aggressive take on the way we save, and the need to learn to manage our money, investments and our trading activities.

And it can be simplified to a credo every young working adult today understands: FIRE

Financial Independence, Retire Early.

The FIRE movement is now in Asia, and it starts here with you taking control of your future, right now.


There are some important facts and stats you must know before you take this journey, that few coaches would ever tell you:

  • TRADING is not the same as INVESTING. Trading is an active professional activity to generate profits. Investing is far more passive and carries different goals for different individuals. Getting this clear at the very beginning will lead to smarter decisions by you.

  • Most active fund managers do not outperform indexes. Which means a lone retail investor who goes picking individual stocks on his own likely has even lower odds of success doing so. And the days of buying IPOs and cashing out have long gone.

  • The act of buying a stock is as dangerously easy as clicking buttons in a game. We teach you that in the first few hours. It is more important to understand when and whether you should push the button at all that will save you money.

  • We teach you the knowledge to be wiser in assessing investments and products that people try to sell you. Did you really ask your insurance agent exactly where that insurance-linked policy is investing your money? Do you know how much an agent makes off your investments?

  • There are so many investment opportunities and products, that without the basic understanding of how these work, you leave yourself at the mercy of salespeople. And no, not even banks, insurance agents or unit trust consultants always act in your best interests. This comes from our personal experience. Some of the stories would make you boil in anger at the profiteering that goes on.

Which is why so many fail at investing, because too many do not understand how to use the knowledge, tools and data out there. The way most courses teach investing is misleading people down a path destined to portfolio failure.

You deserve the truth to make informed decisions. Not marketing.


Our strength and specialisation is in teaching and coaching options trading.

Options allows unparalleled flexibility in trading, and when done properly limits losses.

Built in leverage. Built in stop-loss. Built in mechanisms to take advantage of. But that is just scratching the surface.

Utilising such powerful instruments is something we love teaching. And there are a lot of things you would not find in books.


We live in an exciting age of lowered brokerage fees, online market access to ETFs and funds in countries across the oceans. Learn how to use the modern tools and platforms available today in the best way possible to lower risk and increase profitability.

There are even some things about Bitcoin that you should know about.


We are based in Malaysia. Naturally, we are concerned with the Malaysian milieu. The financial literacy levels in Malaysia in our opinion can be summarised as deficit. To illustrate the point, a preliminary UPM survey on a sample size of 2000 Malaysians published in the Journal of Wealth Management & Financial Planning states 'It is also alarming to learn that more than a quarter of respondents had the idea that all investments in Malaysia are legal.' and 'The overall findings signify that the respondents were not fully equipped with sufficient financial knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their financial affairs'. The survey results in detail can be pretty shocking considering how basic the questions were.

Thankfully fundamental awareness deficiencies are coming to light, and the largest financial institutions and regulators in Malaysia formed the Financial Education Network with a framework to improve the situation. You can check out their site for the Malaysian National Strategy Report. Some interesting excerpts:

And that's where our programs and the needs of the community match. There are far too many courses out there promising unrealistic returns.

It's time to get real about financial independence and retirement. And some of the truths about stock picking and trading would surprise you.