Led by professionals and experienced traders

This is the Personal Finance, Trading & Investing movement for the millennial generation.

A new approach to education in personal finance and retirement planning.

Lifestyle options trading to augment portfolio returns while working to save aggressively and invest.

We organise high-quality focused training programs for small private groups in personal finance, investing in stocks, equities and options trading, and legacy planning, to show you the path to Financial Independence in incredibly engaging ways to build your experience.

FIREminds are a new generation of investors and traders, with a different and aggressive take on the way we need to manage our money, investments and our trading. It can be simplified to a motto every young working adult today can relate to: FIRE

Financial Independence, Retire Early.

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What goals should you have going into our classes?

Benjamin Graham's 'The Intelligent Investor' highlights the best goals any coach or book can offer to you:

  • Maximize chances of achieving sustainable gains

  • Minimize the odds of suffering irreversible losses

  • Control self-defeating behavior

In addition to these, we incorporate the practices and secrets fund managers, traders & financial planning experts into our methodology, with healthy doses of holistic financial literacy.

Why us?

Because we're just like you and we understand your financial and life struggles. Tired of stagnant wages and rising inflation. Jaded by incessant sales pitches for financial products and schemes that enrich salespeople more than investors.

Our Fireminds Coaches are professionals from various backgrounds. Our founders specialise in what they do to generate portfolio returns, and have built their own plans utilising the FIRE credo. And through the Firemind programs, we are working tirelessly on sharing the power of independently taking control of your finances.

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You're on this page because you're tired of running this race without a goal in sight. It's time to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

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